Our Partners

Nuestros principales partners y colaboradores son las propias compañías navieras y operadores marítimos españoles y del Mediterráneo Occidental, así como diversas asociaciones sectoriales, dentro de la industria del Ferry. Son patrocinadores de Ferry Link: [ap_spacing spacing_height="60px"] The Maritime Consulting Group Spain [ap_spacing spacing_height="10px"] Maritime Consulting Group Sp...
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Sea Routes

The main sea routes are organized around the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic and Canary islands, as interisland traffic. From the northern ports of the peninsula is connected to the coast of France and the UK. From the south of the peninsula is connected with North Africa in various shipping lines that move a significant number of passengers each year, mostly during the summer periods. From the...
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Welcome on board !

FerryLink is a nonprofit organization that promotes and encourages the use of maritime routes operated by major ferry lines in Spain and the Western Mediterranean, with a volume of over 100 million passengers a year, in more than 100 routes. These shipping lines developed by major Ferry operators for passengers, vehicles and roro cargo, with the highest standards of maritime safety and the latest...
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